At Home With The Fellas

As I was watering my houseplants today I got to thinking about it and I couldn’t remember if I ever showed you fine people just what it is that this guy here considers suitable in the realm of companionship, since you all know that I don’t really associate with people in any up-close and personal type manner, and the building I live in doesn’t allow pets. As that basically only leaves plant-life to choose from, the only real choice is just what kind of plant-life would a guy like myself feel most comfortable with. Well, boring as those answers may be, you’re about to find out, and just so you know, rather than get all wordy on you, aside from the pictures themselves, the only information I’m giving you will be contained in whatever title I happened to give the picture when I took it. So here we go, and don’t expect too much. I’m single these days and live in a bachelor apartment with barely enough room for me, let alone a bunch of plants that apparently never heard the word moderation where growth is concerned. Lol. PS. The first and last standalone pictures are obviously not houseplants of mine, but rather, two plants I ran into recently that i thought were interesting enough to include here to lengthen a rather short post. See you next time.

Cross of Yellow





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