Weeds, Thistles, and Other Sharp Little Things

I was walking along the Seawall a couple days ago enjoying the weather, and looking for something to grace these pages with. Then just as it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a single flower all day, I realized I was approaching what looked like a very colorful patch of shoreline filled with what looked like wildflowers from where I was standing. Picking up the pace a little, I soon arrived at the spot, only to discover that rather than what you would normally consider to be wildflowers, I was looking at a huge stretch of assorted weeds and thistles. Some of the plants were flowering, and others had already gone to seed, and among the ones that were flowering, what appeared to be an entire colony of bees were busy collecting nectar, and doing all those crazy things that bees always seem to be doing. The longer I stood and looked the more I was taken with just how pretty some of those weeds and thistles were. The urge to get a couple close-ups of a bee or two also kept growing. So to make a long story short, that’s mainly what you’ll get to see today…weeds, thistles, and other sharp little things (with a few extras that were snapped on my way there and back).

I’ve also highlighted two shots for you simply because I really do think both these shots deserve an explanation. The first (before the gallery) is the cloud I saw when I looked out my kitchen window before I left to take pictures that day, and as you may have guessed, I almost stayed home. The second (after the gallery) is a picture of the three mountain peaks that are probably the most popular hiking destinations here in Vancouver for people in reasonably good condition who want to enjoy a good solid day-hike. Any hiker in good shape, with proper planning, can reach any of those three peaks, and return to Vancouver, in a single day (I’ve done it several times with all three peaks). As you face them, the mountain on the left is known as Dam Mountain, the one in the center is Crown Mountain (with just a little imagination you can probably see the outline of the crown), and it should take no imagination at all to see why the peak on the right is called Camel Mountain. (If you can’t see the camel clearly you might want to click on the picture to see it at full size.)

And that, as they say, is that, we’ll see you next time.

Dramatic Cloud Formation

Hiking Hat-Trick


11 thoughts on “Weeds, Thistles, and Other Sharp Little Things

      1. Thank YOU for taking the time to go over them all in such detail, and now I’m off to the post office to get some proper wrapping paper and postage to get these disks on their way out to you. I’ll let you know when it’s done because there’s a couple things I want to go over with you.


    1. My time on-line has been severely curtailed these last few months, but I’m trying to make up for that as quickly as possible. Hopefully we will see you on your grounds very soon. And thanks for dropping by.

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