The Quote Challenge-Day 2

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
Ansel Adams

In this one little quote, Mr. Adams has pretty much summed up my entire philosophy on the art of Photography, and I think that anyone who brings any less to the table, is simply “taking pictures”. Of course there’s nothing wrong with “taking pictures”, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time doing exactly that, but on those occasions when the mood strikes, and you can sense your Muse sitting on your shoulder, then it’s time to bring everything you have to the game, and swing for the fence.

My challenges for today go out to:

  • My very special friend Leon at “Solitary Thinkers“, quite simply one of the most amazing Blogs it’s ever been my pleasure to enjoy.
  • One of my first Blogger friends, lbeth, over at “Nutsrok“. And…
  • The first man who ever nominated me for an award, Greg, at “Big Red Carpet Nursing“.

And now, in honor of Mr. Adams lovely quote, I thought I should include at least one picture from my collection that I particularly like. It may not be one of the best shots I ever took, but I really like it. I find it relaxing enough that I’m considering having it enlarged for my living-room wall.

A spray of weeds I spotted among the rocks at False Creek one afternoon.
The Quote Challenge-Day 2

8 thoughts on “The Quote Challenge-Day 2

    1. Leon, your answer to my challenge, like always, was far more than I could possibly have hoped for (the complexities of the music were wonderful), and far more difficult to take all at the same time. It is just so frustrating that the technology of this age keeps us all so close together, and still, the multiple small failures in my own insignificant little life, manage to prevent me from just reaching out and solving every problem that is troubling those whom I care about so much. (I shall talk to you a little later.)


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