One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

Well, it’s Tuesday, and I guess that means it’s time to join Jennifer Nichole Wells, who this week is over at, “One Word Photo: Snow“, for another week of her wonderful photo challenge. I have to tell you all, I just about gave up on this one. Here in Vancouver the past few years have been so warm that there wasn’t even any snow of note on the ski slopes of Grouse Mountain this year, and the glaciers between the two peaks of The Lions have now been gone for a number of years. Without those two stand-bys, I was really at a loss as to where I was going to find any significant amount of snow. And then, being the complete air-head I am at times, I looked out my kitchen window in the general direction of my American neighbors, and saw the very strategic volcano that they sometime in the distant past planted just shy of our border in case us Canadians should ever get out of hand. At least that’s the conspiracy theory that I heard. Lol. Whatever the case may be, good old Mount Baker saved my bacon this week as far as this challenge goes. Now in the interest of transparency I should point out that I darkened the sky a little and brightened the mountain to make it stand out a little more. After all, that picture was taken from roughly 100 miles away (it’s a big volcano).

Mount Baker From My Kitchen Window
Mount Baker From My Kitchen Window



14 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

    1. I do like this particular challenge (although it has beat me this week) and I am looking forward to trying again next week. As for accepting any more awards, I turned one down just yesterday from someone who actually nominated me for an award with Sisterhood in the title, which I thought was quite nice for a change, and very progressive also. But I really don’t think I’ll be accepting any new ones simply because the lady from yesterday might take it the wrong way, and I wouldn’t want to insult her. So the timing is just unfortunate, but being one of the most popular people I know on-line, I’m pretty sure you will have no trouble finding someone even more deserving of the nomination than I. I really do thank you, however, for thinking of me, not very many people would have. Thanks again.

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