Beach Triplets

Last week I read in the paper, and saw on the Internet that possibly due to the hot weather we’ve been having here in Vancouver, and the warmer water this is causing in the Burrard Inlet, a Grey Whale was spotted moving around between Second and Third Beaches, which is actually a lot further into the Inlet than you would normally expect to find one of these beautiful mammals. So, grabbing my camera, and stocking up on fluids, I headed out the door and began the walk that would take me along the water past First, Second, and Third Beaches, all in the hope of spotting this whale in person and possibly getting a couple pictures of it to share with you wonderful people. Well I have to tell you that I was in fact unsuccessful in my endeavor, but, I did manage to get a few decent pictures for my trouble, and since I haven’t really been posting much lately, I thought I would share those with you instead, and once I got these posted today, I would take another chance at some whale-watching tomorrow and see if my luck isn’t any better. So for today, the pictures that follow are pretty much explained by their titles, and as for Siwash Rock, you could either Google it for yourself, or wait until I do a lengthier piece on it, which I plan to do sometime very soon now. So i hope you enjoy the pictures, and I’ll see you next time.


4 thoughts on “Beach Triplets

  1. These are simply gorgeous. I really appreciate that you decided to share them with us! Yes, spotting the whale would be an incredible experience. But being able to ‘spot’ and appreciate the beauty around us is thrilling too 🙂 Thanks so much again.

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