Keeping Records Of Visual Treats

Over the last couple days I find I’ve been feeling a whole lot more like myself than I have for quite a while. As a result, I’ve been doing a little more in the way of walking, and when I’m not actually striding along, I find I’m paying a lot more attention to the sights and sounds of everything around me. It also seems to me, struggling little Christian that I am, that the Lord Himself has gotten into the act, and thrown a few decent sights and sounds into my general direction, and that certainly makes the whole recovery thing work a little easier in the first place. And the second place, and the third…..

Anyway, the point is I’ve come up with a few pictures that I think you might find interesting enough to give a gander at. And if not, you could always print off a few of them on some cheaper paper, and line the bird-cage with it or something (it would make for a rather bright bird-cage). Lol. Just try and remember that I’ve been a little out-of-practice for a while, so these may not be the best I’ve ever subjected you to. But as far as I was concerned, I had a hard time believing all this stuff popped up for me to take pictures of all in the same week. I almost thought it was kind of spooky (cue the X-Files music).

Have a great week everybody.


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