Taking A Look Back At May

As I was going through some of my photos this morning, I was quite surprised at just how many of my shots I never got out as part of a Blog this year. Because of the number of pictures I take in any given year, that in itself is not all that strange. What is strange, however, is when I fail to share pictures of the flowers that I shoot, some around town, and some, like the ones that you’ll be seeing in a minute here, that were grown by my friend, that charming gardener down the block, who any regular reader of my site knows by her name which is Ava. So even though these pictures were taken back in May, and though I’m pretty sure Ava is most likely already getting much of her garden cleaned up, and ready to begin things for her next growing cycle, I thought I’d share these with you today, and if I can find where I’ve got the others that I took this year, I might even be able to share a few more with you sometime in the very near future. So there is just a quick dozen of them for you today, but I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. We’ll talk to you later.


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