Good Timing

Yesterday, I took a walk down along the Seawall, along False Creek area, and for the most part it was a bright, sunny afternoon, a beautiful, warm Autumn day…until I hit a rather monstrous fog bank. And when I say monstrous, I could just as easily be talking about the nature of this thing as about the size. One minute I was nice and warm, enjoying myself immensely, and then the next, I had stepped into this fog bank and the temperature plummeted at least 15-20 degrees. No kidding, I turned and fled back the way I came, moving pretty quickly, and yet when I had gotten to a point that was even before the place where I had started walking along the water earlier in the day, the fog had already beat me there. Granted, it wasn’t there yet in full force, but it had already brought enough of a chill with it that I decided to take just one more shot (a testament to the fact that the fog really had outraced me to that location), and then call it a day. And as far as stick-to-it-ness goes, here in the heart of the city, I haven’t been able to see for more than two blocks all day today. Thus, the title of today’s post. Because if I hadn’t got the shots I did manage to get yesterday, I would have had nothing new to pick from to make this post out of (I have old stuff that no one has seen, but where’s the fun in that). So anyway, here’s the 12-15 shots I did manage to get of the False Creek area along the Seawall yesterday before the fog chased the sun away (along with a couple shots of that fog rolling in). Most of the shots are explained in their titles. So I hope you enjoy the pictures, and hey, have a great week-end. God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Good Timing

  1. (I posted this as a reply to one of my blog posts, but wanted to write post it here too. I hope you don’t mind)

    Hello my friend!!
    My apologies for the long silence. Things have also been hectic here, and I haven’t been able to be as active with photography as much as I want to (which is quite painful, as you can imagine!). I of course noticed you made some new photos on your WordPress blog, and always make it my business to stop by and admire. The most recent one shows your beautiful city in her full autumn glory, and I love them all!

    I promise to be more active and start catching up soon.
    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your encouragement! And thank you for sharing your artwork with us.

    Warm wishes,

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    1. I’ve been fighting through a really bad flu the last two or three days, and just as I noticed your very welcome comment last night, I felt almost like I blinked, and realized it was several minutes later and I had actually fallen asleep while I was typing. Thus, I dragged myself off to bed for what must have been the third attempt to fall asleep, and this time it worked (unlike all the previous attempts). I got 14 hours of solid sleep, and I thank you for every one of them. Just hearing from you and knowing you and yours were all right was the best medicine I could get. You take care now, and I hope you had a great week-end.

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