A Remedy For The Nasty Weather

Well, this year Halloween not only brought the usual crop of ghosts, ghouls and goblins, but with all the various monsters, fairy-queens and super-heroes, here in Vancouver at least, it brought some pretty horrendous weather. The last few days have been cold, windy and wet. So as I sat here huddled up in my apartment preparing to watch a movie or two, I decided to first take a look at some of the pictures I took in the last week or two that I’ve neglected to post anywhere. As I was doing so, I realized I was starting to feel a lot better just looking at the far superior weather we had been having just a short time ago, so I thought what the hey, it’s past time for an update of my blog anyway, so here’s a small gallery of pictures taken sometime last week during a quick trip to Central Park one Saturday afternoon, with a stop at Metrotown Mall on my way home. If your weather today is anything like ours is here, maybe these will help warm you up a little. As for the particulars of each shot, I think the captions should pretty much explain them. I hope you enjoy at least a couple of them. And here we go.


9 thoughts on “A Remedy For The Nasty Weather

  1. Hello my friend,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve signed up to comment, but I logged in just for your post.
    Yes, your photos are the perfect remedy for nasty weather! I too have never seen a black squirrel, but now I’m reminded how amazing nature is. I hope you’re staying warm and healthy as winter approaches.

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    1. I’m healthy now my friend, having just got over a three-week scuffle with bronchitis. It seems I was sick during the good weather and got better when the bad weather hit. Well, you never can tell. It’s really good to hear from you, and I hope you and yours are doing well as we enter into this holiday season. You take care now, and stay healthier than me. Lol.


  2. Your friends from Central Park seem interesting! Haha! And I’m both glad and sad about Halloween.
    Glad because I’m a wimp and I’m easily scared by almost anything so it’s best for me to stay away from it. Sad because even though it’s scary yet it has fun written all over it and I being a hopeless fun lover and us not having this tradition makes me feel deprived of it. Arrgh.

    Anyway. Great to hear from you like always. I hope you’re healthy and hearty Mr.David. 🙂

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    1. It’s always wonderful to hear from you also Aakansha, and I assure you that over the years almost all the scariness has been depleted from the Halloween festivities, leaving mainly those aspects that entail enough harmless fun to keep the younger children amused while the adults use it mainly as a reason to dress up in outlandish (or sometimes skimpy) costumes that allow them to ignore their usual better judgment for a night. Even once a year dressing like Princess Leia should be enough for anyone who is less than a full-blown exhibitionist. Lol.

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