Long Time No See

Well, hello hello, it seems like quite a while since last I’ve been here, but I think I should point out right up front that it really hasn’t been as long as it may seem to some of you. You see, I readily admit that as far as posting new posts go, I might be seen as having been somewhat negligent, but that is actually pretty much by design. Quite a while back I came to the realization that I was spending more and more time on my Blog, and less and less time on a lot of other things that had once been of great importance to me, and in fact, still were. Right then, I knew I needed a new plan. Needless to say, what I came up with, was much less posting, but I want to tell you that that wasn’t an easy plan to arrive at, and it isn’t as simple a plan as it may at first seem to be.

The posting less is just one small part of a much bigger plan (which is why I said in the beginning that it may only SEEM like I haven’t been around in quite a while) because I also had to work out what to do about the 200+ blogs that I follow on an on-and-off basis, but which I never really want to completely give up on. I enjoy those blogs, and I enjoy conversing at times with the individuals behind each one of them. So what I do is visit a few of them at a time, and then move on and see what’s happening with another batch, and so on and so on. So when you don’t hear from me for awhile, it doesn’t mean I’ve given up blogging altogether, I’ve just been catching up with people I haven’t talked to in a bit. And to tell you the truth, if I get really pressed for time between catching up with all of you wonderful people by dropping you a comment on your blog, and my regular day-to-day stuff, and posting something of my own on my blog, and I find I simply have to by-pass something at any given time, my choice is almost always to bypass posting something of my own. I figure you guys have seen so many of my pictures by now, what are you really missing if I wait a couple more days to post a few more?

But anyway, today I do have some that I’ve thrown together into a gallery for you if you have the time to take a look after reading all this, and if not, they’ll still be there tomorrow, and maybe you can see them then. In the meantime, everybody stay healthy, and happy, and please have a great Diwali, or Christmas, or Week-end, or whatever else it takes to put a smile on your face. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you, and I’ll see you next time.


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