A Feeble Attempt At Cheer

So once again the world has been attacked, and once again we are left either in shock and disbelief, or angry or sad, outraged or in tears, or maybe just numb. However the news of Paris hit you, what I personally dislike the most about it, is just how easy it is becoming for me to find myself using the word “hate”, a word that really never was very much a part of my active vocabulary throughout my past. Oh I’ve certainly been upset, and even really angry at people quite often in the 58-9 years of my life, but I can honestly say that it was a really rare occasion that the word hate crossed my lips when referring to how I personally felt about anyone or anything at any given time. Lately though,  that’s been changing, and that disturbs me because it means that at some level at least, the bad guys are winning. They are successfully spreading their message of hate, and bit-by-bit, it’s permeating my mind, and lodging there like some kind of cancerous tumor that will eventually kill me. If not physically, it will kill me by destroying the way I look at life, and more importantly, how I look at the people around me who I have to share that life with.

But I’m not going to go into a big long article about it, because I really wouldn’t know what to say anyway. At least not right now. But what I will do is try and put a smile on one or two faces out there, at least for a minute or two, because I figure if all decent people did that today, and they were each successful at getting even two people to feel a little better about this world for just a couple seconds, we would end up with millions of seconds of good cheer circulating around the world today, and though that sure can’t make anything that happened in Paris any better, it can show those behind it that despite their best (worst?) efforts, there are still a lot of people in the world smiling today. So I hope someone out there enjoys the gallery that follows, and if any good comes from it at all, let me just dedicate any happiness it brings to all those people today who are in such desperate need of it. My heart goes out to you all.


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