In Remembrance

The oceans between us

And distances great

It’s not this that divides us

What divides us is hate.

They want us to hide

To be frightened and scared

To think of ourselves

And forget those who have cared.

They cared when we needed

A shoulder or hand

Or just someone to share

The joys of this land.

But you’ll not make us cower

And we’ll still welcome those

Who need a new place

A new place to call home.

And those brave souls who fell

To your cowards attack

The true God of Love

Has now taken them back.

We that are left here

Will remember them always

In positive ways you could not hope to achieve

Is the anger and hatred you spread really worth it?

Look at the faces that follow and see WHY I BELIEVE.

{The following gallery is just a few of the faces of the people who lost their lives in Paris the other night. I offer them here as a memorial and also as a reminder of why the cancer that took these young lives must be destroyed. I show these pictures only with the utmost respect, and if the pictures had not already been made public world-wide with the surviving families permission, I wouldn’t show them. Since they have been shown, however, I think it is important that they are so that people will always remember just what kind of horrendous losses the world is suffering in this ridiculous battle, and why it must be finished as soon as possible, before even more losses of this kind are accrued.)

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My heart goes out to each and every one of these young people, as well as all the other victims and the friends and relatives of each who survived them. And we mustn’t forget those that were caught up in the melee, who perhaps didn’t lose anyone close to them, but still lived through a night of terror that may never leave them completely. It is my prayer that God will bless each and every one of them.

Until next time, everyone please stay healthy, happy, and safe.


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