Another Look At Some Older Photos

As I was glancing through some of my older posts I realized that I didn’t necessarily have to put down what I was working on every time I wanted to make a new post, because aside from all the old posts I now have (since I’ve been at this for over a year) I also have many pictures that didn’t make it into those older posts, not because there was anything really wrong with them, but simply due to space limitations. Looked at that way, I found I was sitting on quite the goldmine of material. So with that in mind, I threw together a small gallery of older pictures, many of which some of you may have seen, as well as some that are getting their first viewing here today. So I hope everybody finds at least something that they like, and I hope the pictures brighten up everyone’s day at least a little.


12 thoughts on “Another Look At Some Older Photos

  1. Oh wow. So glad you decided to share these photos with us. Like you, I make many photographs and when I revisit my files, I realise there are still a lot of potentially interesting photos to be shared. Almost like a surprise treasure hunt πŸ™‚ Thank you for making my morning.

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    1. That’s exactly how I feel about it and why I go over the old shots every now and then. You never know what surprises you are going to find. Glad I could contribute to your morning. I trust that beautiful weather you were showing us is still holding?


      1. We also have had storms and rainy weather, but I look out my window this morning and see the sun waiting for me. Whether or not it’s planning to hang around for awhile, we’ll just have to see. Maybe it’ll start here and work it’s way over to you.

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