Mountain Peaks, Flowers Sweet, Etc…

With a new month upon us, and cold wet weather keeping me housebound, I thought I would take a break from the other writing and reading that I’ve been working on, and get a new gallery posted for all of you out there who must be pretty tired of the old one by now. I also wanted to show off my moth-orchid which has 6 of the 7 buds open at this time, and my Christmas cactus which has recently joined in the budding process, although (waiting patiently for Santa) it’s still somewhat lacking in blooms.

I also managed to click a few pictures of the North Shore Mountains on a day when the air must have been especially clear, because I was able to zoom in on them to the full extent of my lens with only a bare minimum of blurriness, hardly noticeable on a couple of the shots. I labelled a couple of the pictures to show you where my favorite spots for day-hikes are, and even though I don’t make those trips anymore, it wasn’t all that long ago that I did, and the memories are still fresh. The shot of Grouse Mountain’s ski area would have looked better at night with the lights on that outline the edges, but maybe I’ll try for that one next time. You know, I very seldom (if ever) go to the trouble of doing this, but if you are ever going to click on one of my pictures to see it larger, or even full-sized, these long-shots of the North Shore Mountains might just be the ones I would recommend trying it out on.

So I hope everyone is getting into the holiday swing of things, and I hope this gallery finds you all happy, and healthy, safe and satisfied. May the holidays bring you everything you’re hoping for and may they bring the world at least some of what we need. Everyone take care now, have fun, and we’ll see you next time.


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