A Final New Year’s Blessing

Living on the corner of Hastings and Main here in Vancouver, there is a special treat that I am privileged to receive each year at this time from some of my First Nation’s neighbors who live in the area with me. The treat involves the Drumming In of the New Year, and it is a part of their culture that I am honored to be allowed such a wonderful seat at, since my apartment’s kitchen window looks directly down on the corner where they often sit while they are drumming. Anyway, I filmed a bit of it this year and thought I would share it with you and hopefully it will bring a special blessing for your New Year along with it. I apologize for the shakiness of the video, but that’s just my lack of talent. If you close your eyes while you listen to the drumming you hardly notice my bad filming at all. Happy New Year people.



6 thoughts on “A Final New Year’s Blessing

  1. That was a really cool videos, David. Thanks so much for passing on the blessing. Jim and I watched it together and it created a special moment even through all the electronics. May you be blessed beyond your own humble wishes in the coming year, dear friend. (((hugs))) Vicki


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