My First True Gallery Of 2016

Well, with 2016 now truly under way, and 2015 simply a memory to look back upon with either joy, sadness, or most likely, a combination of both, I wondered if I should make any big changes in how I present my blog. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that changes would indeed be forthcoming, though as to how big or small those changes would be, I decided the answer would lie in how the individual visitor to the site finally decided to regard whatever particular changes they themselves encountered. There will certainly be a few more videos than in the previous year, and I think I will be returning to a little more of the writing that I originally started this site with. But for this post, I think we’ll just start with a good old fashioned gallery, and hope everyone finds something to enjoy in these few pictures that I have chosen to start this brand new year with. So everyone take care, stay safe, and we’ll see you again real soon.


5 thoughts on “My First True Gallery Of 2016

      1. That would be because I still haven’t quite finished it, but it is coming along quite nicely and I will be sure to give you a special notice the moment I complete it. It seems my wit ages a little faster than the rest of me. Lol.

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