More Eagles, And Why You Shouldn’t Attack Canada

First of all, I mentioned a few days back that I might try and do a few more videos for this blog this year, and for my first try at that, I thought I would let you people get a look at the crazy guy who keeps annoying you with all these pictures and silly stories. I actually started talking about one thing on this video and ended up on another, but I never claimed to be Stephen Spielberg, and if you don’t find it to your fancy, I’m sure you all know where the off button is located. In addition to that, I’ll do you even one better. If you decide you don’t want to check out YouTube at all, just cruise right past the video and check out the gallery, because I was able to track two of those eagles from the other day back to their roost, and even though the sun had just about given up on me by the time I got there so I was kind of shooting in the dark, I did manage to get a couple of pictures that I was able to rescue somewhat when i got back home to my computer. Because I had to do so much work to try and add some light, they’re a little noisy, and I still had to enlarge them to the point of blurriness, but definitely better than the last ones. At least they’re clear enough to distinguish the male from the female (the one with the wider head). So whichever way you choose to go, I hope you enjoy yourself, and if it’s good looks you’re desiring, stick with the birds.


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