One Of My Favorite Vancouverites

As any of you who visit my page probably realize, despite my lack of any ability to play a musical instrument, I am a big fan of music (hence the playlists quite often at the bottom of my postings). Well, a couple of my favorite types of music have always been the soft rock and easy listening genres. With all the excitement in my life, this type of music is just perfect for me when I feel the need for relaxation, and I can even listen to it when I’m editing my pictures, or working on my writing. One of my long-time favorite performers who has released music in both these genres is Sarah McLachlan, an East Coast native originally, who now makes her home out here with the rest of us in Lotus Land. But rather than sitting around enjoying the weather, Sarah is busy raising a family, has sold over 40,000,000 records worldwide, her Lilith Fair Tours were a major boost for women in the performing arts, and she runs The Sarah McLachlan School of Music which focuses on providing inner-city children and children-at-risk with high-quality musical instruction. The latest thing I’ve heard in connection with the school is a public request for “gently-used musical instruments” so that the children can also practice at home. Of course, everything I’ve mentioned above only scratches the bare surface of what this young woman has accomplished with her life so far. For more details, you could start here. Or, you could just take a quick listen to a couple of her tunes, including one that features her singing her biggest hit in her home studio. By the way, you might find the added beginning of the second video a little strange, but the main song is awesome. Have I ever lied to you before?


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