A Photo-Study of The Cherry-Blossom

Well, we changed our clocks ahead, and the seasons seemed to jump ahead right along with them here in our fair coastal city. To prove my point, I thought I would give you all a close look at a couple of our local cherry trees, and how they reacted to the advancing of the clocks. These pictures in the following gallery were taken over a period of two days, and for myself at least, the difference just in those two days is amazing in itself. I didn’t take any pictures the day before these two days not just because it was rainy and miserable out, but because there really was nothing to take any pictures of. Then suddenly, on the first of the two days, the cherry blossoms had appeared in force, and by the second, they had literally taken over the trees. But see for yourselves.


9 thoughts on “A Photo-Study of The Cherry-Blossom

    1. Thank-you, it certainly does seem that way. Of course, that just means you’ll soon be showing me up, since I’ve never seen cherry-blossoms as beautiful as those you get up in your part of the world. I’m waiting anxiously for your pictures that will prove me correct. : )

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