A Very Sad Easter Week

As a Christian, Easter should always be a time of immense joy and celebration for me, for millions of others who share in my faith, and even for millions more who don’t. Of course, at the highest level, it was this year, just as it is every year. At the more mundane level, however, this year’s Easter Week was a week of terrible violence and sadness. With the attacks in Brussels and Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan, it seemed it didn’t matter which faith you followed, or what color your skin was, or where you lived. It didn’t even matter if you were a soldier, a policeman, a terrorist, a woman or a child. As long as you were alive, it seemed there was someone who wanted you dead. And it seemed they were quite successful this year, at fulfilling their sick desires. The strangest thing is that I don’t think the perpetrators of the atrocities of the last few days actually accomplished what they really set out to do, which was to spread terror. In that specific regard, I think they failed.

I think somehow we passed a point this week, a point of resolve. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I see it in the faces of the survivors when they are being interviewed, and I see it also on the faces of the politicians who have to speak to not just those survivors, but to their entire citizenry, and to the world in general. I hear it in the voices of the people I speak to, and I hear it in my own voice as the words are ripped from my own heart. What I hear is something quite different this time. No, on these occasions, I’m not so sure you terrified anyone Mr. Terrorist. This time, I think it’s you that might do well to be frightened. In the end, I don’t even have the words to fully describe how I feel, but what I do have, what I still have, is the faith that things will yet work out. After all, the Book I study tells me that “Man lives by Faith”. If you don’t study the same Book as I do, that’s entirely your choice, but faith is still faith, and the only person that really worries me, is the one that has no faith in anything but him/herself.

For now, I put together a little picture that I thought best said what I wanted to say, which was really quite simple. “My heart breaks for each of the countries that got hurt this week, and my condolences go out to all the survivors, families, friends, and fellow citizens. As for those who fell, it doesn’t matter to me what language you spoke, what color your skin was, what faith you followed, if any, or anything other than that you loved someone, and were loved by someone, and no one had any right, for any reason, to cut the time you had to enjoy that love down by even 1 minute. I am deeply saddened by every minute that you missed.”

My Heart Breaks For The World
My Heart Breaks For The World


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