A Miscellaneous Gallery Assortment

Sorry about the break here. I had a nice new assortment of pictures all ready to post, when I got a virus, and had to wipe the computer clean. Though I had almost all my older pictures backed up, I cannot say the same for the last two weeks or so, and along with those, I also lost about 3 chapters of the writing I’ve been doing (which was only a rough draft anyway). Most important of all believe it or not, and something I have to admit I never really thought of, was the loss of my Bookmarks when I had to start fresh at Chrome. I never considered the amount of time I’ve put into building up a reference library, and the extensive research materials I had organized. Those things will take me at least a year to recover. My bad. So hopefully you are already smarter than me, but if one or two of you aren’t, and you can learn from my experience to back up your Bookmarks, then it won’t be a complete waste. I also got my computer completely cleaned and refurbished, so that’s also good. At any rate, I’ll be awhile getting things back together, and then just like that MacArthur fellow (if I have the right guy), “I shall return”. (Just so everyone is aware, I got the virus up at Google+, and I wasn’t the only victim. The first sign that you are infected is that you keep ending up on incorrect pages when you click on links. If you catch it then (virus scan) I think you can get rid of it, but if you (like myself) wait too long, you turn your computer on one day and find yourself greeted with a black screen showing only a mouse curser and nothing else. At that point, you’ve got a sizable problem.)

With our weather still on-again-off-again around here in Vancouver, one has to take whatever breaks in the clouds and the rain that can be found to snap whatever pictures happen to be available. What this results in quite often is a large number of pictures that may not follow a common theme, or plan, but are still worth taking a quick look at nonetheless. So what I’ve done, and may even do again in the next little while, is put together a larger-type gallery of photos that may or may not have anything to do with each other. Some will, others won’t. Hopefully, you’ll find one or two that meet with your approval. In the meantime, I hope Spring is breaking out nicely for everyone, and I hope everyone is keeping safe and happy. Until next time, take care.


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