A Touch Of Spring

Now here’s a part of reorganizing my newly cleaned computer that I can really get behind. I’ve moved so many files in the last two days, I’m dreaming in alphabetical order. These are even the pictures that I had originally planned to show you, and how they suddenly showed up again is anyone’s guess. I kid you not, I checked the file location they were supposed to be in at least twice, and they weren’t there. Today, I sat down to find some replacement pictures and right there where they were supposed to be all along (and weren’t), they were. So here they are. Just a few shots I took while I was out enjoying one of the first beautiful Saturday’s we’ve had this Spring. I hope you enjoy them.


8 thoughts on “A Touch Of Spring

  1. They are very nice shots as always David, I am glad that they turned up, they give a versatile view of where you are, of your town and it is good to see the natural photos together with the human made structures.

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