A Touch Of Spring- Part 2

Just thought I would put up a few of the pictures that I didn’t include in the last post, that were actually taken on the same day. That particular Saturday was just so beautiful that aside from the pictures you’ve already seen, and these that I’m posting right now, I still have over a hundred more that I could pick through in search of enough for at least one more reasonably-sized gallery. You’ll probably get to see those in the next posting. However, since it’s a little cool today, and I have a bunch of reading that I want to get into, I think everything today calls for a short but sweet gallery of about the same size as the last, and with that in mind, here we go. In the meantime, however, I hope all you wonderful people are having a great Spring, and I hope everyone is keeping healthy, happy, and safe. You have my best wishes and fondest thoughts for an amazing summer rapidly approaching, and in a world too often full of rude surprises, my prayers are always with each of you.


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