One Of My Favorites

As everyone who has ever spent any considerable time behind a camera lens can surely attest to, even though we all quite regularly find ourselves taking pictures that we are very happy with, it is a much less frequent occasion when we snap that shot that actually makes even we who shot it, perk up and take notice when we see it later on the big screen as we develop and work on the day’s results. In all the time that I’ve been taking pictures, I can honestly say that my list of favorite shots can still be counted on the fingers of my two hands. Perhaps that just means I’m a lousy photographer, or maybe it means I’m too critical of my own work. Whatever it means, as of today, the number of shots in that list, just went up by one. To celebrate, I thought I would give the picture a posting all it’s own. I don’t even know what kind of flower it is, and since it was growing on the boulevard, I don’t really know who it might belong to. Anyway, it’s a beautiful little flower, and for better or worse, here is my picture of it.

A Pleasant Picture Of Purple Passion
A Pleasant Picture Of Purple Passion


11 thoughts on “One Of My Favorites

  1. What a gorgeous shot my friend! Like you, I am always very critical of myself. It’s challenging to find the right balance of “not settling for mediocre” and simply allowing myself to enjoy a decent photo. Your encouragement and feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

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    1. Thank-you, it’s always nice when things just seem to come together, and the finished product is pretty much just what you were hoping for. I always feel like it’s these rare occasions that help to make all the other attempts worthwhile.

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