An Addendum

I just wanted to add a little addendum to my previous article about Dr. Jill Stein. I mentioned yesterday that I was worried you might think I had become a conspiracy fan, and I assured you I hadn’t. Well, since then, I learned that a few days before my post even, Dr.Stein was allowed the privilege of being interviewed on PBS. Now even though PBS, as we all know, stands for Public Broadcasting Station, this is not entirely the case anymore, since like almost everything else these days, even PBS takes some Federal funds. When I researched it, I discovered it was a seemingly smaller amount (18% of the current operating budget), but that things were run so tightly, that that smaller amount was still a CRITICAL amount, and apparently the PBS was under constant threat of defunding, if their Federal partners felt they weren’t having enough input into things.

In any case Jill, of course, gratefully accepted the opportunity to be interviewed, and the interview was also live-streamed on a You-Tube channel that some people got to see. The Interviewer’s last question to Jill is an attempt to put her on the spot by pointing out that Dr. Stein has said in the past that neither Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton would make a great President, The reporter then says something to the effect of, “So are you saying that Hillary Clinton is every bit as terrible a person as Donald Trump is?”

When Dr. Stein answers, she gives a very articulate reply, beginning with, “I wouldn’t say they’re the same, but the differences aren’t enough to save your job…” She then goes on to explain that with Hillary’s pick of Ken Salazar as her Transitional Chief, and his love of fracking and the TPP, she now has just as many problems with Hillary as with Trump. She goes into detail on these important points about where Hillary has already done a complete 180 on what she promised Senator Sanders, and his followers, when she was trying to swing them to her cause. And she’s not even in office yet. And this is where we get back to what I was saying yesterday.

When PBS put this same interview up on the main channels later, where it would get it’s main viewership, they had cut everything Dr. Stein said that was negative about Hillary, and it was done smoothly enough that no one would notice the cut. Unfortunately for them, one thoughtful young man who had caught the live version, and taped it, published it on his Facebook feed in it’s original form, with all the parts that they cut out in the censored version added as sub-titles in red so everyone could see exactly what the Hillary camp wanted hidden. His copy of it went viral (and this is exactly what I meant yesterday when I said Hillary has the backing of the major corporations as well as the media) until Facebook took it down with no explanation. (I believe they did eventually put it back up, but by then they would have accomplished what they were after…breaking the video’s momentum.)

So I really do hope you people see that your Democracy is truly under attack. It’s bad enough when the 2 major Parties won’t allow anyone to raise a voice against them, but when they also control so much of the media you rely on for your information, then that’s probably more of a reason to be fearful then any of the nonsense you read about in the papers. I remember after I watched Tienanmen Square take place on the Internet. I had Chinese friends here in Vancouver who were so flustered because they could not convince their relatives who lived in China that it had actually happened. Those people thought it was just something the West made up to make them look bad. After all, their State-run Press told them it never happened, and so did their nightly news, and their government-controlled Internet.

If you would like to see how it’s done for yourself, the following link will take you to The Jimmy Dore Show, to the segment he did where I heard about this. Jimmy’s a great guy, with a great show. He might shock the local Preacher once or twice, but  you can trust what he says.

Boy do I feel like an idiot, I write that whole article thinking I’m just going to give you a link at the end of it, and here it automatically brings the whole thing here on it’s own. I don’t even know how my own site works any more. Seriously Jimmy, I didn’t try to steal anything, when did links start doing this? I give up. Sue me Mr. Dore (but I have no money, just good looks).


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