Regulating Freedoms In The Modern World

Well, I said a while back that I would be making a few changes in this, my third year with WordPress, and I even mentioned that I would be possibly making and showing a few more YouTube-type videos. The one I accidentally showed the other day (actually planning merely to leave you a link) wasn’t one of mine. The one I have for you today, however, is, and it also fits right in with the last two postings that I’ve left you since it highlights what appears to be the next step in the establishment’s plan to control everything the average American sees or hears each day in the way of news. The beautiful irony of it all is that I’m going to use a YouTube video to show you how YouTube itself has been selected as the next weapon-of-choice, in the battle to destroy your ability to learn about the news, BEFORE it’s been doctored and enhanced by those who wish to deceive you.

Now after considering the length of that piece, which I hadn’t really noticed while I was filming it, I think I’ll save the additional pictures for another time. If there is actually anyone still here after all that, then I think the nicest thing I could do for you is put a couple nice restful tunes for you to pick from, thank you for your tremendous patience, and stick-to-it-ness, wish you a great week, and say goodnight. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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