A Crab Park Mosaic

Well, the other day when I posted my Blog from Crab Park, I mentioned I might add a few pictures of the location at the bottom of the video. After I got home and looked at the length of that video, however, I decided to postpone those additional pictures for another time. So I guess that time has arrived, and down below I’ve included a Mosaic of several pictures I took around the park, and flanked the group of pictures with a couple of my favorite shots of Canada Place that I took one evening from the roof of my building. I hope you find something there you can enjoy, and even as our weather is turning nice once again just in time for the week-end, I hope yours is doing the same. However it turns out though, have a great week-end, stay healthy, stay safe, and most of all, as crazy as this world may seem at times, remember that it is the only world we have to share between us, and in the end, it’s not really that bad a place if we’re willing to see the good it contains. Unless God has other plans for me, we’ll see you all next week.




10 thoughts on “A Crab Park Mosaic

      1. Oh, I think that is the tag for where you vote on whether you want to give the particular post 1,2,3,4,5 stars, or just no stars at all if you think that that is all it deserved. I clicked on it just to see, and it gave me the source-code for that application, so that’s what I THINK it is. The same link appears at the bottom of each of the comments that you or anyone else leaves me right here as a matter-of-fact, and that’s why I was able to test it just now. On my current blog-page for instance, 15 people have clicked the “like” button, but only 1 person has also taken the time to vote. They gave me 5-stars, so that is my average for that page so far. Hope this clears it up for you. : )

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