The Benefits of City Green-Spaces

As I was out walking the other day, the distance and the heat, and perhaps this upwardly-creeping age of mine, all combined to produce one tuckered out little amateur photographer/blogger. As it so happened, being out in the city’s West End, I was quite close to one of the many little green-spaces that have been carved out of this concrete jungle, where tired people such as I was at that moment, can always find a moments respite from the heat of the day, or the problem’s the day may contain. So sitting down on a bench, I decided I might just as well do up a little YouTube video, and see if I might come up with anything worth sharing with anyone. Six minutes or so later, I had accomplished my mission, and as for the quality of the thing, well that’s up to the viewers to decide. The video itself, turned out something like this.

As promised in the video, down below are just a couple still photos to give you an idea of the relative size of the area taken up by this particular park/greenspace. I’ve still kept the shots pretty generalized, and vague, because the number of children running around (many of them somewhat unsupervised) is quite high, and as I said earlier, I really don’t want any parents getting nervous about “that man taking pictures of our kids“. I think it is really sad that our world has reached such a point of suspicion and distrust, but the facts are the facts, and they have to be respected.

Even in the face of this type of sadness, however, I remain extremely glad that these areas are available throughout the city. And I really do think that aside from providing the children and their parents with a place to play without having to travel too far, they also serve another very important purpose by giving some of the elderly people who no longer have families of their own, a wonderful opportunity to sit and  enjoy the nice summer weather, while at the same time hearing the pleasant sounds of family in close proximity. I’m no psychiatrist, but I can’t help thinking that for many of these lonely people, many of them entirely on their own in their twilight years, those sounds could be absolutely therapeutic.

As for myself, as much as I enjoy the sounds of children playing, today I also needed a place just to rest for a few minutes. So I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you are having a great summer. Take care, stay healthy, and stay safe. See you soon.

Green-Space At Richards and Helmicken In Vancouver's West End
Green-Space At Richards and Helmicken In Vancouver’s West End
One Giant Back-Yard In Common For A "Family" Of Thousands
One Giant Back-Yard In Common For A “Family” Of Thousands
Walking Paths And Running Areas In Vancouver's West End
Walking Paths And Running Areas In Vancouver’s West End


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