My Trip To Queen Elizabeth Park

One of the nicer in-city parks we have here in Vancouver is Queen Elizabeth Park, on Little Mountain, which I’m pretty sure is considered to be in the Kitsilano neighborhood. I’ve been meaning to take a walk up there to get some pictures to show you of the wonderful gardens they have, and the amazing views of the city that are one of the main reasons folks get up that way. Sitting right at the top of Little Mountain, the Bloedel Conservatory (the MAIN reason people visit) is a world-class tourist attraction, housing all kinds of tropical plants and birds, and just looking kind of awesome as it claims the highest spot in the entire city. I didn’t get inside the Conservatory on this trip, but I did walk through a few of the gardens, and I think I got some decent shots of those and of the city view.

Today I just have time to put up a couple pictures I took along the way while I was walking, and in the next posting I’ll make up a larger gallery of the park itself (now that I’ve done all the intro and I can just focus on getting those pictures out). So for today, it’s just these few, and I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and we’ll see you soon.


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