Standing Together With The Standing Rock Sioux

I guess everyone has been seeing in the news lately, the difficulties they’re having in North Dakota regarding the unwanted oil pipe-line, and the protests of it’s installation being headed up mainly by the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Even with the main-stream media outlets doing their best to keep it out of the news as much as possible, and trying to put a “positive” spin on what news they do release, the alternative news outlets, and the unprecedented amount of support for the Standing Rock tribe, from areas all over the world, is making this a much tougher job than the Press, the politicians, and the Big Banks that are funding this project, had hoped for.

As a Canadian I’m asked quite often why I tend to be so outspoken about things that in many cases don’t even have to do with Canada directly. I usually tell people I think it’s something in the water, and then I give them a few examples of other outspoken Canadians. One of those people I very often hold up as an example is Neil Young, who many of you might remember from his days performing with Crosby, Stills, and Nash. If you’re relatively the same age as myself and Mr. Young, you might even remember Buffalo Springfield.

Well, Neil is still writing songs, and still singing them, and yep, he’s still just as outspoken as he always was. I suspect that’s because he’s just like myself, and so many other Canadians I know, and when there’s an obvious injustice staring us in the face, we feel if we don’t speak up, then we’re just adding to that injustice. Of course, Neil, speaks up with much more style than I ever could. So while I might write an article or two (or twenty), Neil puts his argument about the Standing Rock situation, and the main-stream media’s failure to cover it fairly, like this:

Like I said, Neil Young has a little more style than me. At any rate, I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope your weather is treating you a little nicer than mine is treating me at the moment (it’s raining cats and dogs). For now, stay dry, stay healthy, stay safe, and if you can, think some good thoughts for those folks up at that pipe-line. See you soon.


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