Beautiful Solidarity

As word of the situation in North Dakota continues to spread, and the mainstream media loses it’s battle on behalf of it’s corporate supporters to hide, or whitewash just what’s happening there, more and more people are getting involved, and standing in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors. The beauty of social media is that it is becoming so difficult for things like this to be done in the dark anymore, and if people are going to treat others with disdain and/or uncalled for aggression, the chances are good that the rest of the world will hear about it very quickly, and quite often, people will take action.

Quoting from her bio at the bottom of an article in today’s digital issue of CounterPunch Magazine, “Joni Sarah White is a Mohawk from Akwesasne who’s paintings and sculptures have appeared throughout the world. A graduate of Dartmouth College and recipient of fellowships from both Hedgebrook and Chautauqua Institution. Additional work of hers can be seen at”.

Well, after reading the article she had published in CounterPunch today, I just had to share share a link to it with you, and show you what a great talent this young woman is who was obviously very moved by the situation at the pipeline. The poem she wrote in dedication to the people’s cause, and the paintings she included with those beautiful lyrics are pretty amazing, and I think they deserve to be spread as far and wide as possible. So with that said, the link to the article follows:

Water is Life: With Solidarity for Standing Rock

And as for me, I think I’m off to take a walk in the rain. We had one day without any, and now it’s back, so I figure if you can’t beat it, join it. You all have a great week-end, stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you soon.

Beautiful Solidarity

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