Now I Remember

Quite a while back, I mentioned I had some pictures to share with you all that I took one day when I walked up to the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, here in Vancouver’s Kitsilano, or Mount Pleasant area, depending on how you want to look at the map. What is for certain is that when you are at the top of that park, at The Bloedel Conservatory, you are basically at the highest point in the city, the top of Little Mountain, and the views can be spectacular at the right time of year, if the weather is co-operative.

Anyway, after I mentioned having those pictures, I preceded to get so involved with all that was happening in the US elections, that as you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve done very little with my page at all. And then today, while I was trying to sort everything out after one of Microsoft’s constant updates, that seem to do everything for my computer BUT improve anything about it, I came across some of those pictures, and remembered that I never did post any of them.  So…here is the batch that I came across today which I had apparently gotten ready to post as a first batch, and as soon as I edit a few more, I’ll follow up with a second post.

Until then, everyone take care, stay healthy and stay safe. For all my friends in the USA, I’m thinking good thoughts for you, and just want to remind you, that as those pictures under these words prove…you’ve still got friends in high places. : )


10 thoughts on “Now I Remember

    1. I’m doing very well Thank-you Aakansha, and I pray the same can be said for you and all of yours as we enter this time of year where our thoughts so often turn even more to family and friendships. May all your blessings be rich ones.

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    1. Thank-you, sometimes better late than never. If I can find your email address, I think I’ll send you one that I took today. It was an overcast day and the mist made the sails on Canada Place look almost ethereal.

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