These Shocking Photos Show The Scars You Can’t Normally See. And They’re Horrifying.

In the little over three years that I’ve had this Blog up and running, I can count the number of times I’ve felt the urge to reblog someone else’s content onto my page. Today is one of those days. Before you click over there, however, fair warning, you’ll see some pictures that are made pretty graphic (by amazing make-up artists), that also contain some harsh language. The article is a photo-essay by a survivor of extreme child abuse who has tried, with the help of those make-up artists I mentioned, to illustrate the kind of effect it has on a person when they are abused with language. It’s a fascinating study that I thought a lot of people should see. Hence, the reblog. In addition to all of that, I also had personal reasons.

As someone who likes to both write, and take photographs, as well as being a person who endured precisely this type of abuse as a child, I just wanted to thank everyone involved with the article  in question for bringing a very critical issue into focus. If by reblogging it on my own page, I can help spread the crucial message it contains to even one more person, then I consider it well worth the effort. So my thanks again to all involved. As one of the subjects in the story so aptly put it, I feel like any physical damage I experienced when I was a child is adequately healed, and yet…those emotional scars still linger.

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Words have meaning, and they possess the power to change the world.  They can inspire us to do amazing things, or to commit the most  horrible acts.  It’s up to everyone to understand they are responsible for wielding that awesome power.  Because words cut the deepest, and yet leave no marks, they can truly be the most devastating form of abuse.

PhotographerRichard Johnson, who has himself suffered from the worst kind of verbal abuse, created a series of photos to illustrate their incredibly harmful effect.  These images, created for theWeapon of Choice Project, are important because they remind us that the terms we throw out in moments of anger or frustration can be just as damaging as physical abuse.

CAUTION!: The photos below feature victims and strong terms of emotional, sexual and verbal abuse.

Weapon of Choice

We presented each participant in the Weapon of Choice project with a list of hurtful words, and…

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7 thoughts on “These Shocking Photos Show The Scars You Can’t Normally See. And They’re Horrifying.

  1. This is a subject that should be discussed and shared. So many people are scarred by verbal abuse and when the victim is a child, they believe whatever people throw at them. I just made a page on my blog and called it “Words.” Actually, I brought it over from my website because I do feel so strongly about the “words” thrown at us. Just heard about a book on this subject that I bought for my Kindle. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but it came highly recommended from a radio show I like to listen to. “Tell Me Your Story” by Tuya Pearl. Did you have a chance to read my page named “Words?”

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    1. No, I have yet to read it, as I’m just hearing of it now. I will, however, be looking it up and giving it a read. You are absolutely right when you say this is a topic that needs much more discussion.


      1. Thanks for letting me know about the “Words” page of mine. I wasn’t sure if a notification would be given for pages the same as a blog. Now I know. I hope you have many things to be thankful for!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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      2. I always forget that your Thanksgiving falls a month later than ours does. Here’s hoping you have a great one, filled with many blessings, both past and present.


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