And It Just Gets Worse

The latest talk concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline is that President Obama is in fact going to allow the construction to go ahead, turning his back completely on all the promises he made to the Native population when he first took office. For those of you who still watch the mainstream news channels, you may or may not have heard that the latest atrocity being committed against the peaceful Water Protectors, by the oil pipeline security is the use of a water cannon being applied to soak the people down as they stand out there at night on the North Dakota prairie with temperatures dropping to the low 20’s. This is of course resulting in mass cases of hypothermia, and when the Water Protectors build fires to try and warm up, the security forces use those fires as their excuse for using the water in the first place, since their actions could actually be seen not only as Human Rights Violations, but as criminally endangering human life.

On top of soaking them down with water cannons, the security forces are still targeting those they prefer to call “protestors” with tear gas, mace, rubber bullets, and now, concussion  grenades. The other night a young woman, in her early twenties, after being soaked down at about 3 in the morning, was hit in the arm with a rubber bullet. Having reach her personal limits, she turned, and was running from the security forces, who then targeted her once more, and with her back turned to them, managed to land a concussion grenade either ON the already wounded arm she was cradling in her other hand as she ran, or close enough to it, that the explosion shredded the flesh from the arm elbow to wrist, and shattered the bones. The oil company, the police and the security forces are trying to say that they aren’t using grenades, and it was an explosive device that the “protestors” threw that caused this damage. Unfortunately for them, it seems the doctors who have been doing the emergency surgeries on this girl over the past few days, may have recovered some of the shrapnel from the lady’s arm and clothing, which will be used in the upcoming lawsuits. Besides which, all the video which the progressive news stations (the only news stations bothering to cover this entire tragedy) have gathered, have shown over and over again, that the Water Protectors have been nothing but prayerful and peaceful, every day getting teargassed, maced, sprayed with water, and shot in the hands, legs and heads repeatedly WHILE PRAYING and YELLING “I LOVE YOU”.

There was actually another person with this young lady pretty much right up to the moment of the incident. They were helping each other hold a shield together for protection against the water-cannon until she got shot in the arm, and started to run. Jordan Cheriton, the reporter for TYT Politics interviewed this man to get the real story about what happened that night, and I’ve linked to it below. It really is worth checking out. I guess other than that, the only thing I can think of to say is, “Shame on you President Obama. Is that really all your word was worth? If it was, you certainly won’t be missed.”


9 thoughts on “And It Just Gets Worse

  1. I’m sorry but there is a serious lack of accountability here and in many other parts of the world. Self absorption, flag waving and quippy propaganda rule the headlines. Ignorance is rampant and people are not only mucking up the language and quotes that have been around for hundreds of years, they don’t even understand the ones they are using. I am made fun oof for correcting improper spelling and grammar, but if we lose the piwer of communication, we have no base to start with. We’ll soon be grunting, pointin and bashing things with clubs. Wait. I think they already are in some areas of Kentucky…….😏

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    1. It starts when every media outlet is owned by the same six people, and nobody complains. It continues when they start to believe that the people who are complaining are the bad guys, and it ends with everyone being marched off to internment camps.

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    1. It certainly is sad, but as more people hear about it, maybe more will be done about it. These bad folks thrive in the darkness, and rejoice when nobody speaks up.


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