A Friendly Caution And A Few Pictures After Our First Mountain Snowfall

We’ve been having some really cold weather lately, and the other night, we had our first snowfall up in the higher areas. I took a few pictures from down here, and I’ll get to those right away. But first, I just wanted to start this post with a friendly caution.

I don’t know if you have seen it personally yet, though I’m sure everyone will eventually, but the mainstream media, and the more establishment Internet sites, and President Obama himself, have all been talking lately about the same one thing: Fake News.

Now according to these guys, it’s more of this Russian nonsense, and what it amounts to basically, is that any news outlet that isn’t walking in total lockstep with the Establishment opinion on…well everything, is apparently a Russian Propaganda site. Now if Hillary had been elected, this would have been used to help sway the people to her views on going to war with Russia as I’ve mentioned in other articles. Hopefully, that may be the ONE good thing about a Trump Presidency. Mr. Trump doesn’t appear quite so anxious to engage with Mr. Putin in anything more serious than joining forces to eliminate the threat of ISIS, and that has to be a good thing…IF he sticks to his word.

However, that is not going to stop the continuation of this cry of Fake News…Fake News! That’s because the progressive news channels which are being attacked here and charged (even by the President of the U.S.A.) with spreading propaganda, succeeded, along with Wikileaks, in showing the American people, and the world, the dark underbelly of American politics this year, and for that, there is a certain group of very powerful people, who simply will not forgive them. They will try to discredit them, and smear them at every opportunity, while all the time it is they themselves, the mainstream media, the politicians, and the corporations that own them, that are spreading the fake news that they claim to be warning the public about. Rather than ask you to put your faith in myself over something this important, however, I thought I would link you to an article by a very reputable investigative reporter, whose credibility is easier to ascertain than my own. The link follows, and after that, a small gallery of something in which I am credible, pictures of the Vancouver area (after the snowfall).



4 thoughts on “A Friendly Caution And A Few Pictures After Our First Mountain Snowfall

    1. I think I’m a little bit like yourself. I was born in Winnipeg, which is truly one of the coldest areas on this globe (no exaggeration), but when it came time to decide for myself where to settle down, I picked Vancouver, the mildest part of my native land. I love the idea of having the snow up in the mountains if I wish to partake of its pleasures, and the warm weather down here, where I reside in comfort the rest of the time.


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