“Ministry of Truth” Goes Global

In my last post I talked about how the government in the United States decided to sneak a law past it’s citizens, and even some of it’s lawmakers by hiding the grievous Bill in question, inside another larger Bill that was almost certain to pass without anyone giving it a very close reading. The purpose of the Bill, dubbed the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act”, was to set up a government branch that would be responsible for funding and training “journalists” to deliver the “news” the way the government thought it should be delivered, and truth be damned. That’s the domestic plan, and the foreign project involves setting up “reporters” in other countries to spread US propaganda on the one hand, and keep the American government informed on the other, as to the more unfriendly reporters working in those countries, and what they were saying about the good old USA.

Well now, not to be outdone, it seems Britain has come out with a plan all their own for making sure that it is only the “news” that the government of their country that makes it to the the attention of their citizens. I have to tell you, if the American politicians had thought of this plan first, I think this is the one they would have gone with. Though it hasn’t passed yet (unlike the American attempt at killing the First Amendment), the British version of eliminating Freedom of the Press is even much more dastardly, hard as that might be to believe. What they are trying to do is pass a law that says, if a news outlet refuses to join a particular governmental “regulatory body” (who would then, I presume, have at least some control over that news outlet’s future content) then whenever that news outlet is sued for libel, they are responsible not just for their own legal costs, but for the legal costs of the person, persons, or whatever, that laid the libel charge, whether the news outlet wins the case or loses. Let me repeat that. In EITHER case, win or lose, the news outlet has to pay the costs for BOTH sides.

Now I’m sure we all realize exactly what that means. The court costs in a libel case can run to thousands, and depending on the case, probably hundreds of thousands of British pounds for either side, let alone both sides. And one of the reasons that there aren’t even more of these cases going to court every day (and God knows there’s plenty) is that many are dismissed as being frivolous before they even get started, and many more are never begun because the side that was written about in the news, knows that the truth was told, and they have no chance of winning such a case, so they would just be wasting their money. But if you are guaranteed at the start, that the guy who just rightly exposed your depravity, criminality, or other malfeasance to the world, can be possibly bankrupted in retaliation, then what’s to stop anyone from finding a lawyer who can convince a judge that due to some loop-hole or whatever, that the case is not entirely frivolous. And then how long will it be before any respected paper, or internet news site is simply out of business either due to bankruptcy, or plain fear of being able to print anything of substance. (You can read a little more about it at the link I provided below.)

So it appears the attack on the Press is not just here in North America, but in Britain as well. So is it going to be all the NATO countries soon? Then what? What happens when the only information you are allowed to have is what the government says you are allowed to possess. How many of us have pointed our fingers at others who tried to warn us of these days, and called them conspiracy nuts? Doesn’t it make you wonder at least a little bit about who the crazy ones actually are? Hillary Clinton is still hanging around the fringes of the Democratic Party in the US that she did so much to help destroy. And the progressive voices who tried to warn everyone that following her was the surest possible way to get Trump elected, still can’t get anyone to listen to them. And I do it too. I voted here in Canada for a guy I really thought would bring some change, and one year into office, and he’s turned his back on everything he promised to be. Another pretty face with no heart whatsoever, just like Obama. You would think I’d learn. Oh well. See you next time.


“Ministry of Truth” Goes Global

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