Some Simple Facts

With the new year upon us now, and underway, I was kind of hoping that things around the world would have settled down a little. Basically, I was hoping that some of the more profound insanity would have eased up, and people would have stopped allowing themselves to be persuaded of things, by those in positions of power, who are obviously pursuing some sort of agenda. Whatever that agenda may be, if one were to just stop for a moment and consider what they are being asked to believe, the whole charade would just fall apart like a soggy tissue, but instead, there are actual polls that seem to say that people are really buying into this stuff.

What am I talking about? I’m glad you asked. I’m talking about the Russian’s hacking into the US elections nonsense, and I really wouldn’t have bothered anymore, except like I just said, there are now polls out that claim as much as 52% of Americans believe the Russians somehow altered the results of the election. And that wasn’t even the original charge! The original charge was that the Russians had hacked the DNC and John Podesta, and released the emails they allegedly stole, to Wikileaks. There was no talk about them altering the vote count, until President Obama went on his speaking tour in Europe. And now we have reports and everything. And I have long-standing friends who have gone so far as to call me a Kremlin stooge (I’ve been called worse in my mail). What crime exactly did I commit that I deserved to be called these names…I asked for evidence of the claims President Obama is making. And when enough people asked for the same thing I did, he had a report released…that still had no evidence in it. However, the report, lacking any hard evidence at all, is apparently enough for 52% of the people who were polled.

Well, like myself, a reporter named Dave Lindorff who writes for Counterpunch Magazine, is also not convinced, but Mr. Lindorff is obviously a lot smarter than I am, and his article presents an argument based on facts that I hadn’t even considered. Thus, I thought I would leave you a link to his article, because as I’ve pointed out many times on these pages, the citizens of the United States of America will always be counted among some of my favorite people, and if their government is determined, for whatever reason, to lead them into a senseless war with a nuclear-power the size of Russia, I really think they might want to at least take the time first to read what Mr. Lindorff has to say. Because make no mistake about it, first they’ll ask you to believe that Mr. Putin has to be destroyed (just like Ghadaffi and Assad), and then they’ll ask for your children to do the job that they won’t send their OWN children to do. The link follows.


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