You Be The Judge

Ever since President Trump signed his Executive Order which he refers to as a “Travel Ban”, and which his critics claim is actually a blanket ban on all Muslims, I’ve listened to the arguments go back and forth, from Left to Right, and every other direction imaginable. When asked my own opinion, I’ve tried to withhold it as best as I could, simply because that opinion of mine is lengthy enough, and the people asking are usually agitated enough, that I can never get it fully explained before I’m cut off, and then I’m getting yelled at for something I may or may not even have said, or for that matter believed.

Well, I finally came across an article that pretty much sums up the way I feel about things regarding this topic, and since it was about time for a new post, I thought I would just leave you all a link to the article I found, which you may or may not take the time to read, but if you do, then after you read it, “You can be the judge as to whether you think it’s a valid opinion or not”. Fair warning up front, however, the writer of the article, Paul Street, aside from writing news articles, is a published author, and as many authors are, he’s quite verbose at times. This means the article is a little lengthy, though I believe it’s interesting enough (and informative enough) that you won’t mind. I guess that’s just something else you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Unspeakable: the Black Book of Imperial Terrorism


So in the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying some weather a little less blustery than what we are experiencing at the moment, (I do have to admit that this snowy winter we’ve seen this year has been very interesting to say the least). And until we meet again, stay happy, stay safe, and if you’re traveling to the US, make sure those papers are in order! Just Kidding.


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