A Few More By-Passed Photos

As I keep organizing these pictures, I keep finding more and more that have never seen the light of day. And since Spring is still refusing to show it’s pretty little face, the shots of summer are only too welcome as far as I’m concerned. So without meaning to confuse anyone’s circadian clock or anything like that, and hoping that everyone is feeling all happy and healthy, let’s just get into it, and see what kind of things I found this time.

So there we have it, and I hope you can find one or two that meet with your approval. I also hope your weather is cooperating with you a little better than mine is cooperating with me. Oh well, it is, after all, only March, and I’m probably just turning into a grumpy old man : (.  So stay safe, and for all my American friends, please ignore your President’s Saturday morning Tweet-fest. I can assure you we have no ISIS cells existing in our Alberta tar-sands, and his threat to invade his own NATO ally (and largest trading partner) sounds like he must have had a bad night’s sleep before going on-line that morning. I think our Prime Minister showed quite the restraint in not requesting an apology, but hey, we all know what a great kidder that Donnie Tinyhands can be at times. So no harm, no foul, we Canadians can take a joke. And we know the Americans can…they took you Donald. If anyone thinks I’m sounding a little upset about all this, maybe you should read what Mr. Trump had to say for himself on Saturday morning. You can read a transcript of his Twitter comments in this article at CounterPunch (they didn’t think it was funny either, and they’re an American news outlet).  http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/03/14/on-guard-canada-trumps-latest-tweet-storm/    All I’m saying is, “That’s no way to treat your friends”.

A Few More By-Passed Photos

2 thoughts on “A Few More By-Passed Photos

  1. Good morning my friend! Just what I needed to see this chilly morning. Spring is taking her time in coming here too. But I believe it will be worth the wait.

    As always we love to see views of your beautiful city through your lens. God bless!

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