Two More Old Favorites

Well I guess it’s about time I got around to putting in the next two of my favorite old shots as I continue my trip down Memory Lane. The first shot, entitled “Powell Street Overpass”, is more accurately just an overpass that happens to be on Powell Street. If it has a name (I’m reasonably sure it does), I’ve never come across it, and my life has been just fine despite this egregious lack of information. Of course, it may well be that it truly is “The Unknown Overpass”, thus joining the esteemed ranks of such notables as, “The Unknown Soldier” and “The Unknown Blogger” (the last of which I think I just invented).

The second image I do have some slightly more solid information on. The critter pictured therein is a Grey Heron. We have a lot of these beautiful birds in Vancouver, and a large number of them hang out in a well-established community they have located at one of the better-known entrances to Stanley Park, an area known as Lost Lagoon. You have to see one of these animals in flight to truly appreciate their wingspan, and you have to see that neck of theirs in action to actually realize all the shapes they can twist that thing into. If you should get into a staring contest with one of these birds, my money’s on the bird.

So anyway, try as it may, Spring still has not managed to set in, and we still have not had two consecutive days of sunny weather. It reminds me of the old Vancouver weather, before they cut so many of the trees off the North Shore mountains. I didn’t mind it then, so I guess I can live with it now (it tends to chase away the sissies).

I hope the weather elsewhere is looking better, and I hope you all had a pleasant Easter week. Hopefully everyone is healthy and happy. And I always pray your keeping safe. Have a great week.

Powell Street Overpass
Powell Street Overpass
Grey Heron At Lost Lagoon_2
Grey Heron At Lost Lagoon_2


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