Spring At Last

This last week-end appears to have brought Spring to the West Coast, and I spent so many hours walking in the sun and snapping pictures that it will be at least a little while before my latest ones can be processed, and then seen on these pages. But they should arrive before too long and until then, I’ve put up a couple that I shot the other day when I took a brief stroll over to Crab Park (which is now pretty much my extended back yard). For those of you who have been so kind as to have asked, yes, yes, YES, I am thoroughly enjoying the new place in general, and the amazing difference that a mere 4 blocks has made in the atmosphere of the neighborhood in particular has just stunned me. I’ve been getting up extra early just to go out walking (weather permitting) so I can soak in the tranquility of the day’s beginnings.

Some of the building’s occupants complain about the noise on the front street in the evenings (there is a slightly mid to upscale bar across the street that’s open quite late), but as my apartment’s windows open toward the rear of the building, I can’t really say I’ve noticed any of the commotion they seem to be talking about. I do have a fire hall right across the lane-way from my place, but the sirens were a much bigger problem when I lived at my old place. I’m thinking the crews on the trucks must take block or more after leaving the station before they fire up the sirens. Perhaps it’s just not one of the first items on some kind of check list or something?

At any rate, I hope Spring has reached the rest of you folks also, and I hope you are all getting on absolutely heroically. Everybody try and stay happy now, keep busy, keep healthy, and make sure to stay safe. Have a great week.

Backyard Sculpture
Backyard Sculpture
Downtown Vancouver From Crab Park Overpass
Downtown Vancouver From Crab Park Overpass
Spring Blossoms At Crab Park
Spring Blossoms At Crab Park
'Canada Place' Through The Trees At Crab Park
‘Canada Place’ Through The Trees At Crab Park


2 thoughts on “Spring At Last

  1. Hello my friend, it’s great to see these Springtime views of your city – definitely worth the wait. Very glad to know you are settling into your new apartment and that there are many positive aspects to it. The past few days felt like summer – very hot temperatures – but the weather should return to “normal” over the next few days or so.

    As always my husband and I wish you a good week and you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

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    1. You and yours enjoy that nice weather, and hopefully, it’s only a sign of even better things to come. If your Winter was at all like ours, than we both deserve a little respite. Have a great week.


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