Some Of The Older Shots

I was looking through some of my computer photo albums from 2014-15 this morning, which was a time before I got the camera I now use. Since Vancouver is presently sitting in somewhat of a cold-snap, I decided to stay in, and use a few of those old pictures I was looking at to make a new post. (I also find that I’m somewhat irritated with the mainstream press as they help their more corrupt Democrat candidates, try to convince the world that Jill Stein from the Green Party is now a Russian agent. I happen to both like, and respect Dr. Stein.)  So since posting pictures is something that I find to be quite soothing to my soul, and because I was quite happy to see that the pictures from back then actually do a good job of holding their own against those that I now take with the much better equipment, I picked out a few to show you. Then I realized that the similarity in the quality of the pictures from then, and those from now, might also just mean that my photography skills are not improving at all. Thus, before I completely depress myself, I think I’ll just post these darn pictures, and wish you folks all a Merry Christmas.

Alright, this is just not my day! I got all the way down to here, before I discovered why the old pictures look almost as good as the new…they were taken with the same camera. That’s why I’m using red ink, it matches my face. It seems I got this camera further back then I thought I did, but as soon as I clicked on one of the pictures where it appeared on my page after publication, it showed up in the larger form, along with all the details about what camera was used, as well as the other settings. Oh well, I’ve done dumber things, I just can’t remember when. So just ignore everything I said above the pictures, except for the fact that I still think Jill Stein is awesome. And while we’re here, you can add a great big Happy New Year to that Merry Christmas I wished you earlier. Take care and stay safe.

Some Of The Older Shots

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