A Glance Back

Since we’re still in the rainy days here, I refuse to give up the fight, so I’m taking a look back today, at just a few of the plants that adorned my balcony last summer. That was when I moved into this building, and growing season was already underway, so many of my plants got quite a late start. They did finally manage to catch up (I suspect thanks are owed, at least in part, to all that nice rich soil laced with the casts from my worm-bins), but in the beginning they did lag behind the rest of the garden, and each new bloom was a truly special pleasure for this plant-lover to see. Especially since I hadn’t had any kind of outdoor area at all to grow anything in for over 13-14 years. I only found a few of the early shots to show you today, but maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll find the folder I hid the other embarrassments  beauties in (ahem). In the meantime, I seriously hope your weather is being nicer to you than ours is to us, and I hope you are all getting well into the swing of this brand new year. Stay healthy (watch out for that flu-bug critter), as happy as you can (it drives your enemies right up the wall), and keep yourself and your loved ones safe (I let the Lord look after this one for me, but we are each entitled to our own ways, and I wish you all the best with yours). See you next time.

A Glance Back

3 thoughts on “A Glance Back

  1. Nice photos. Thaants for the breath of spring! You could send the rain down here! In the panhandle of Texas it has been over a hundred days now since they’ve had rain. And here is not much better inviting wildfires to be a huge threat. 🙂 ❤

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