Time For Something Fresh

Well I finally found a little time, and I had a few new pictures sitting here, so I thought I should freshen up this page a little. Plus the other day while I was sitting on my balcony, shaking my head at that snow I showed you some pictures of a while back, I was suddenly disturbed by every bird in the neighborhood simultaneously going crazy, flying in bizarre patterns of confusion, and squawking to beat the band. When I looked up it was plain to see that they were in a panic over something, but it was too far away for me to make it out clearly.

I went inside and got my camera with the telephoto on it, and when I came back out, I was able to figure out just what was happening. Apparently, the snow in the mountains must have been much worse than what we had down here, and their regular prey must have been holding up out of the elements, and thus, out of sight, because a flock of eagles had come down to the lowlands, most likely in search of a quick meal (read pigeon, or raven, or seagull, or even small dog or cat). Come to think of it, considering the number of those birds in that hunting party, you could probably add a small child to that list – these eagles get large in these parts, and they are formidable hunters.

At first I thought there was 4-5 eagles in the group, and since they were quite the distance away, I couldn’t say for certain. But just as the hunting birds were leaving, a large number of their intended dinner decided to roost on the crane across the laneway from my place, and the eagles took one final, sad look at their missed lunch as they made a pass over the crane on their way out of the area. At that time I was able to snap a picture much closer up, and I counted 8 eagles in the pack. So there is a couple of those pictures below, as well as a few shots I took when I went for a walk on one of the nicer days we’ve had since then. We’re back to just above freezing temps. at night again, but the nicer days are becoming more frequent, and it does seem like Spring is in the air, with the Magnolia trees in my back yard area already breaking out in blooms.

So I hope your Spring weather is coming a little faster than mine is, and I hope everyone is keeping well, happy, and safe. We’ll see you all next time. God Bless.

Time For Something Fresh

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