Freaky February

Well, by now I’m pretty certain that you are all aware just how anxious I’ve been this year to see the start of Spring. Usually I’m pretty patient when it comes to the seasons and things, but this year has been different for some reason that I just can’t put my finger on. So when we finally started¬† getting some warmer, dryer weather this past month, I was quite happy, because it’s a pretty sure thing around these parts that if you can make it through to the middle of February or so, you can count the worst of it over. And on top of all that, it was a remarkably good winter to begin with, having, here by the shore at least (the inland parts always get hit harder of course), no snow at all, and if I remember correctly, not even any frost to speak of. The geraniums on my balcony stayed in bloom, and healthy, throughout the entire season. That is, until this week…when winter arrived in full force.

Now I’m not talking one day, or two. I don’t even mean a single night of unexpected frost. What I do mean is that last week we began having nice enough days, sunny and warm, but we should have known something was up, because we were also finally getting consecutive nights of frost – enough of them in a row that my geraniums are now without a single living bloom, and the plants themselves are pretty upset with me. And now, today, here in the rainforest,…well, take a look…

…now, I may not be the brightest light-bulb in the drawer, but even I’m pretty sure that that IS NOT RAIN. smiley_ideaOoh well, what can you do? There’s certainly no sense complaining, and the good thing is that it never last’s long out here. Besides, It’s not every day that I get to try and capture snowflakes in my pictures, so there’s that too. I also know that we here on the coast are not the only ones getting hit with these strange weather patterns that are becoming so common lately, and even here in BC, if you go a little further inland, or up into the mountains, this can cause, for the people in those places, problems far more serious than my dead geraniums. So I want you to know that I’m not really that concerned about a few dead flowers. I am, however, very concerned about flesh-and-blood people. So if any of you are in an area where these weather patterns are being experienced, please try and keep safe, and know that should you find yourself getting caught up in one of these messes, there are people who aside from helping out in whatever immediate and practical way they can, are also keeping you in their prayers. And with that,¬† everybody have a great week-end.

Freaky February

Shell Oil’s Climate Change Video

The following link will take you to Lee Camp’s “Redacted Tonight” and aside from injecting some great humor into your day, it should explain quite well the reasons behind why I’m a big fan of Lee Camp, and also, why I have no respect for companies like Shell Oil. And except for this final Warning: Video contains some graphic language (the worst of it is bleeped out), I’m going to let Lee do all the talking on this one. The video runs 10:55. So until next time, please stay healthy, happy and safe.