Spring At Last

This last week-end appears to have brought Spring to the West Coast, and I spent so many hours walking in the sun and snapping pictures that it will be at least a little while before my latest ones can be processed, and then seen on these pages. But they should arrive before too long and until then, I’ve put up a couple that I shot the other day when I took a brief stroll over to Crab Park (which is now pretty much my extended back yard). For those of you who have been so kind as to have asked, yes, yes, YES, I am thoroughly enjoying the new place in general, and the amazing difference that a mere 4 blocks has made in the atmosphere of the neighborhood in particular has just stunned me. I’ve been getting up extra early just to go out walking (weather permitting) so I can soak in the tranquility of the day’s beginnings.

Some of the building’s occupants complain about the noise on the front street in the evenings (there is a slightly mid to upscale bar across the street that’s open quite late), but as my apartment’s windows open toward the rear of the building, I can’t really say I’ve noticed any of the commotion they seem to be talking about. I do have a fire hall right across the lane-way from my place, but the sirens were a much bigger problem when I lived at my old place. I’m thinking the crews on the trucks must take block or more after leaving the station before they fire up the sirens. Perhaps it’s just not one of the first items on some kind of check list or something?

At any rate, I hope Spring has reached the rest of you folks also, and I hope you are all getting on absolutely heroically. Everybody try and stay happy now, keep busy, keep healthy, and make sure to stay safe. Have a great week.

Backyard Sculpture
Backyard Sculpture
Downtown Vancouver From Crab Park Overpass
Downtown Vancouver From Crab Park Overpass
Spring Blossoms At Crab Park
Spring Blossoms At Crab Park
'Canada Place' Through The Trees At Crab Park
‘Canada Place’ Through The Trees At Crab Park


A Brief Interlude

So here it is Monday morning, and I find myself all wrapped up reading about the French Revolution and the involvement of the Ottoman Empire in said engagement, and how both of these things relate to the poem/prose story that I’ve been relating over the last few days. Realizing that the research I am doing is definitely involved enough at this point that there is just no way I’m going to get the next instalment of the poem out tonight, I decided that an interlude was in order.

Now the weather today, as it was yesterday, is rather dismal around here, so there just isn’t much sense in taking my camera out and hoping to get any decent shots. However, a few days ago the weather was absolutely beautiful, crystal-clear and very calm. And as it turns out, on that day I did get a great deal of photography time in, so I thought that I would share the results of that with you. Thus, while you have a chance to take a look at some Vancouver weather at its finest, I can get back to the business of discovering just what the Ottomans had to do with the French Revolution. Of course, I am beginning to realize that Mister Bonaparte had a nasty habit of picking fights with just about anyone that crossed his path. Now if I can just remember where I put all those pictures.

(For those of you who would like a little entertainment while you’re browsing through the pictures, I’ve added a few tunes at the bottom of the gallery that you can listen to if you are of a mind to.)


Crab Park

Just before we get into today's gallery, a little
explanation as to why I've been publishing pictures
a little more frequently than articles these last
few days. Being someone who truly loves to write,
and having certain topics that I'm passionate
enough about that I would like to write a longer 
piece in regards to them, I've decided to allow 
myself the pleasure of writing at least one 
essay-length article –as opposed to the more common 
Blog-length pieces– each month, and this way allow 
myself to more thoroughly study a particular topic
of interest, for myself, and hopefully, for others 
as well. Of course, while I'm working on pieces of 
this nature, I will have very little time to write 
the more standard-length articles,and that's where 
the galleries come in. With pictures to replace the
articles while I'm working on the essay,I get to 
do my writing, and keep fresh material appearing on
the Blog while I do so. And with only one longer
article each month or so, those of you who prefer
your reading kept short, can simply skip the day 
the essay is published, or maybe take the time to 
review a gallery or two. So, with that all taken 
care of, I hope you will join me now as we head to
Crab Park for...

A Mid-October Stroll

If you were to take the distance I walked from my place in a southerly direction to get to the Chinese Garden that we visited yesterday, and were to walk roughly that same distance, but this time in a northerly direction from my residence, you would arrive at Crab Park. I told you before, I love living in the downtown area. As you approach the park, you walk over a little overpass that crosses the railway tracks, and then you pass some of the dock areas, and a little harbor frequented by some tugs, and a few other vessels. As you make your way down the grassy slope towards the water, you see North and West Vancouver across the bay and behind that, the rising North Shore Mountains stretching all the way from Mt. Seymour on the one extreme, to the Lions on the other end, set further back then the rest of the better known peaks. As you look towards downtown you can see Sears Tower, and a fair amount of the Vancouver skyline, with Canada Place, and its large sail-like structures jutting out into the water just past the helicopter landing pad where you can catch a really quick lift over to the Island, or the North Shore, or maybe just go for some sight-seeing around the city. As for the Park itself, there’s a fair amount to keep a person interested while they walk around and sip a coffee, or exercise their dog, or play with the children. But why am I yammering, when I could much more easily be letting you look for yourselves. Remember, you can always click on any of the pictures to get a better view, or read a caption, or check things out Gallery style. And for those of you who like a little music while you wander along the shore, I’ve included a couple of tunes for you to pick from.


Crab Park