Some By-Passed Photos

I was going through some of my older pics the other day, and finding quite a few that never made it into these pages, I thought I could use some of them to make up for the lack of photography I’ve been doing while I’m involved in moving 8-10 years of my accumulated life from one location to another. These types of pictures don’t usually get missed in the first cut because I’m particularly dissatisfied with them, but rather more it’s due to space considerations, or the fact that they are too similar to others that did make it into the original post. So at any rate, I’ve picked four of them for today, and before you think that Spring has come early here on the coast, I assure you, it’s the pictures that are “out of time”.

With all that said, I hope everyone is having a great year so far, I wish you all the best for a gentle Spring when it does come, and until next time, please stay, as I always pray for, happy, healthy, and safe.

The North Shore Mountains as seen from the Georgia Viaduct.
The North Shore Mountains As Seen From The Georgia Viaduct
Hanging basket of orange blossoms.
Hanging Basket of Orange Blossoms
Hanging basket of red blossoms.
Hanging Basket of Red Blossoms
Moon over Vancouver.
Moon Over Vancouver


Passing Through Downtown

Back on May 3rd I took a walk that turned into an all-day marathon. If I tried to show you all the sights I saw on that trip in one session, we would be here all day, so I’ve decided to break it up into a few smaller pieces for easier consumption. For today, I thought I would start with my passage through the Gastown and the Downtown area, and add a few of the flowers that I came across throughout the day, since most of the flowers came about at the same time, and this way we can look at a few of them during each of the sessions, letting them break up any monotony that might set in otherwise.