Some By-Passed Photos

I was going through some of my older pics the other day, and finding quite a few that never made it into these pages, I thought I could use some of them to make up for the lack of photography I’ve been doing while I’m involved in moving 8-10 years of my accumulated life from one location to another. These types of pictures don’t usually get missed in the first cut because I’m particularly dissatisfied with them, but rather more it’s due to space considerations, or the fact that they are too similar to others that did make it into the original post. So at any rate, I’ve picked four of them for today, and before you think that Spring has come early here on the coast, I assure you, it’s the pictures that are “out of time”.

With all that said, I hope everyone is having a great year so far, I wish you all the best for a gentle Spring when it does come, and until next time, please stay, as I always pray for, happy, healthy, and safe.

The North Shore Mountains as seen from the Georgia Viaduct.
The North Shore Mountains As Seen From The Georgia Viaduct
Hanging basket of orange blossoms.
Hanging Basket of Orange Blossoms
Hanging basket of red blossoms.
Hanging Basket of Red Blossoms
Moon over Vancouver.
Moon Over Vancouver


Broadway, The Return

I’m out right now taking advantage of the first sunshine we’ve had in days, and hopefully that means you might expect a new gallery sometime after midnight tonight my time here on the West Coast. It’s been quite the rainy period, and I’m looking forward to this, even though it’s already afternoon. I’ll just have to see what I can find before those clouds decide to move back in, so I’m out of here, and we’ll see what we can see. If you get a chance, check back here sometime tomorrow, and thank-you very much for all your patience. That’s why I love you people, and we’ll see you then.

As it turns out, deciding to cross the second of the three bridges, The Granville Bridge, this next gallery is made up of some of the sights one would see as they walk into the downtown area from Broadway Street in the late afternoon. Because I didn’t have enough pictures left to make up my regular-sized gallery, and because I have quite a few strays hanging around from earlier galleries that were just too large, I mixed in several shots that were taken from the Georgia Viaduct, which if you remember from my mention inĀ one of my earlier posts, connects my neighborhood with the downtown area. So all the shots are basically taken from on top of bridges, but it’s just one bridge or the other, and the shots from the Granville Bridge will resemble yesterday’s pictures a lot more than those from the Viaduct. So with all that out of the way, here we go.

Now I’m really hoping that this weather clears a little for the week-end, because I’d like to get out to either Trout Lake, or Stanley Park, but there just isn’t a whole lot of reason for me to go there in this kind of weather with the sub-standard equipment I use. Someday, hopefully sooner, rather than later, when I manage to upgrade my equipment, then trips like that will be worthwhile. Right now, however, I’m kind of at the mercy of the weather-man, so we’ll just have to see what the week-end brings. In the meantime, everybody stay healthy, and happy, and stay safe. Keep up the great writing, and the wonderful photography, and we’ll see you then. Take care.