My Favorite Feathered Friends

Well I knew it couldn’t hold out forever. The sun finally broke out in these parts this past week-end, and as I’m writing this now on Tuesday morning, I see that it’s back outside my window for a return visit. Never one to pass up an opportunity, or to leave my camera at home feeling lonely, I grabbed my favorite Nikon and headed out for a walk, just to see what I could find.

So after strolling here and strolling there, I ended up at one of the local parks, and guess what? (Drum roll please….) The boys (and the girls) are back in town! Yes! There in the duck-pond, swimming and diving, then climbing up on the edges of the pond to shake those little tail-feathers. Oh was quite the show. And they were so happy. They didn’t even mind the party being crashed by a couple Canada Geese trying to fool everyone into thinking they were just oversized Mallards with strange complexions. Nah! It was a good party, everyone enjoyed themselves, and I snapped a couple pictures before I left just so you folks could feel like you were there. Because your absence from the festivities was noted, and we (the ducks and I) are really hoping you can make it next year. So mark it on your calendar. But for this year, I guess a couple pictures will have to do, and that little rock figurine (a small Inukshuk) by the water that you see in one of those pictures, was specially erected just for you guys so that if you do make it to next year’s party, you’ll know you’re at the right place. There is even a picture that explains the parking method we prefer here in Vancouver after we have a beer or two (which is why I only VERY seldom imbibe alcoholic beverages). In the meantime, stay healthy, happy, and safe.

My Favorite Feathered Friends

So I Think I’m Back

Though my service provider has yet to show up at my new digs (how’s that for a 70’s reference), as they try to assuage their guilt at having stood me up on two separate occasions now, the fine lady I talked to at “customer service” at least had the good sense (and courtesy) to switch my actual service from the old place to the new from their side, and promised I would have the first available cancellation or whatever came up, with a “guarantee” of an actual service call by April 12th, between the hours of 1-3 pm. (My original date was for the 29th of March, and then the 5th of April when they didn’t show up the first time.) As you’ve probably noticed, however, once they decided to switch the energy flow from my old address to the new, I was able to do my own wiring, and get things up and running. It’s not pretty (the cables run across the center of my living room), but it works, and that’s good enough for me at this time. The techie can worry about the artistic stuff if and when he/she ever arrives.

So as I unpack everything, I thought I should freshen up my page a bit since it’s been a while since I changed anything. I haven’t unpacked the camera equipment yet, but I thought what I would do for a few days was take a little trip down memory lane and look back at some of my favorite pictures. It’s getting pretty late into my third year since I began this page here at WordPress, and in that time, I realized I only had a couple handfuls of pictures that I was really, really happy with. So see, you don’t have to worry, I’ll run out of these old ones quickly enough, and then I’ll get back to trying to improve my techniques. And if I learn anything from the experience, then it will have been a worthwhile experiment.

So at any rate, I guess we’re starting to see some hints of Spring in the air. The Cherry and Apple Blossoms are out, as are the earlier Magnolias. And there’s a fly buzzing around my head right now doing my spell-checking for me because he knows that I just can’t tolerate “spelling bees”. All you folks try and stay dry now, have a good week, stay healthy, happy, and like always, try and be safe.

Resting in peace.
Resting In Peace
Sitting Pretty Bathing In The Sunlight
Sitting Pretty Bathing In The Sunlight


A Day I Missed

I would have been happy to find this first shot in someone’s well-tended garden, so I was really surprised to find this flower in the middle of a weed patch at the edge of the sidewalk looking just as healthy as you please.

Yellow Tranquility

The next picture, however, was taken in someone’s garden, as were the remainder of the floral shots that will appear in the mosaic that is made up of the rest of the shots from that little day-trip that I somehow failed to get entered in here in it’s actual turn. Oh well, better late than never.

Cascade In Red

This next shot is what I believe is known as a Stellar Jay here on the West Coast, and I was lucky enough to catch this shot of him on my way home that night.

Stellar Jay On Royal Oak

And finally, as the perfect capper to a great day, it turned out I was to be treated to an event that only occurs during the clearest of atmospheric conditions. When the weather is just right, when I look out my seventh-floor kitchen window, in the south-east, I am treated to a beautiful view of Mt. Baker, over in Washington State, in the good old U. S. of A. On those evenings, with the aid of my 200mm lens, it looks something like this. So for now, everybody take care, stay healthy, and we’ll see you next time.

Mount Baker From My Kitchen Window
Mount Baker From My Kitchen Window


Flowers and Butterfly

It was a rather peaceful day today, and the tranquility of the day seems to have slipped right into the pictures that I took. Mainly flowers from my friend Ava’s garden which is just now starting to come into nice bloom, and then as a nice bonus, a few pictures of a pretty little visitor to the garden who showed up at just the right time. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Butterfly In Ava's Garden 3

Butterfly In Ava's Garden 2

Butterfly In Ava's Garden