A Possible Temporary Farewell

A strange title perhaps…perhaps not. You see, my computer has been on the verge of dying for the last couple weeks, and every day is a challenge just to see if I can get it up and running for another session. Once I do get it running, the fear is that every moment I keep it that way is one less moment that I’ll have if something of truly monumental importance comes up for which I need the computer’s services at some as yet unforeseen time in the immediate future.

At any rate, I also realize I can’t just leave the silly thing sitting there doing nothing because of baseless worries about things outside of my control. If it’s going to die, then it’s time has come, and all I can say is that it served me well in it’s brief but hectic existence upon this mortal plane. So that leaves me with this blog and the matter of adding something new to it (which I certainly haven’t done in quite a while). And as it turns out, I think I came across just the thing in my travels on the computer at the library while I was looking up some of my old pages to see if there was anything there that might be of help with some other things I was working on (better to burn out the library’s computer than mine : ).

A long time ago, while I was still exploring whether or not I had any artistic talent, I went through a phase where I enhanced the small amount of talent I did have (very small) through the use of various art programs available for download on the Net. Some were “fractal” programs, others were specialized “brush” programs like “Twisted Brush” and such. Most were free downloads, and all of them were a lot of fun to play with. Adding the rather insignificant amount of artistic talent that I inherently possess to these easy-to-use programs, I was soon able to build up a small collection of “interesting(?)” artwork that I posted to a well-known art site called Deviant Art. I decided to post that gallery here today. If a couple of the pieces are blurred a little, it could be because I drew them as “buttons” for use in computer programs (“A Rose For Anne” is one such piece). The image of the young girl that you may recognize as a famous magazine cover, took me three days to copy free-hand with my computer mouse, using the old grid method that people use to enlarge small pictures. I did the same thing with a picture of Cecilia Bartoli (“Thanks For The Music), but that picture was not in my Deviant Art gallery, so we’ll have to save it for another time.

At any rate, for better or worse, here they are, and here we go.

So like I’ve sort of said, I don’t know how long this machine is going to keep kicking, but as long as it does, I’ll try to keep in touch. If you don’t hear from me for awhile, it probably doesn’t mean Hillary got me (I hope), it probably just means I’m working out the best way to obtain my next electronic sidekick. In the meantime, you folks stay healthy, happy, and safe.